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Hand Pain?

  Let’s look at hand pain:  
  Are you having pain in your hands, fingers or wrists that is keeping you from your active lifestyle or what you need to do?
Hand pain could be chronic, meaning it is persisting for a long time, or acute which means it came on suddenly and has only been with you for a short time.  Of course we all know pain can become chronic, but who wants to go there?  Pain is an indicator of inflammation, a nerve being pinched, a muscle strain etc.
Let’s look at conditions that can cause hand pain:
Carpal tunnel syndrome:
This human condition has likely been around for centuries, but has been in the news more over the last several years.  Symptoms include numbness, tingling and burning type pain in the hand.  Often, people experience this after certain activities such as sleeping or gripping.

Wrist joint tendonitis:
Several of the tendons that move the wrist in all directions can become inflamed causing pain with activities we do everyday.  Remember the acronym RICE(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) if you wake up one morning after pulling weeds, more computer use, or any activity that is different from your normal routine.  If pain persists, then treatment can help.

Hand arthritis:
Arthritis is simply – inflammation of a joint.  In the hand, any joint can be arthritic, either acute or chronic. One joint in particular that is very susceptible to arthritis is the joint at the base of the thumb.  This joint is put to work any time the thumb pinches or is assisting the other fingers to grasp or hold during an activity.  There are many ways to protect this arthritis from progressing, and often can be treated initially with therapy, a splint, or by learning simple basic methods to use our hands without this stress.  For example:  instead of picking up the dinner plate with finger and thumb in a pinching manner, pick up the plate with the palm of two hands.  Waitresses this applies to you too! By following this and other principles of joint protection, we can avoid more pain.

** Note
  If the arthritis in the thumb has progressed to the point where there is no cartilage left, and pain is severe, an orthopedic surgeon may have to be consulted for treatment.  Other examples for hand pain may be:  ganglion cysts,  trigger finger – a snapping of a tendon that often produces pain in a finger joint; any kind of joint or ligament injury can alter the mechanics of the wrist or fingers and cause pain.  

Shoulder or Hand pain – a certified hand therapist is a specialist in the treatment of orthopedic conditions of the upper extremity.  Call David Gonzales, certified hand therapist, for a free consultation at Achieve Rehab 620-792-2111.
Owners Karla and
David Gonzales

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