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Shoulder Pain?
Are you having pain in the shoulder that is keeping you from your active lifestyle or what you need to do?

Ever hear of the rotator cuff? What about Bursitis? Tendonitis? Frozen shoulder? Arthritis? Separated shoulder? Impingement syndrome? Pitcher's shoulder? Swimmer's shoulder?

You wouldn't need a shoulder if you didn't use your hands for activities such as: writing on the chalkboard, reaching into the closet, getting the dishes down from the cabinet, throwing a baseball, trimming trees, golfing. you get the idea. Our bodies don't have any joint quite like the shoulder.

Let us look at some common shoulder conditions:
Rotator cuff injuries:
The rotator cuff is a tendon that connects 4 muscles to the long bone of the upper arm, called the humerus. Its job is to stabilize and help lift the arm overhead or into positions we need for many activities. When there is pain or inability in these activities, it can be from an injury to this large tendon known as the rotator cuff.

Frozen shoulder:
This is when the joint becomes so tight that it appears the joint is literally frozen. Sometimes caused by a painful condition left untreated, the shoulder can become so tight a person might not be able to wash their armpit or reach their hair to bathe.

Tendonitis or Bursitis:
Often interchangeable, and sometimes associated with "impingement syndrome", this condition is very painful. This pain might be only with certain positions of the arm, or just night pain or a combination of both. It can be associated with overuse or a sprained shoulder as well.

This can be found in several joints of the shoulder and can cause constant pain at rest or pain with certain activities.

Achieve Rehab specializes in evaluating and treating orthopedic conditions of the upper extremities. Call for more information or a Free Consultation. We restore the function that occupies your life through a hands-on approach to healing.
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