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What is a Certified Hand Therapist?
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Here are some of the common arm injuries that can occur with sports?
Stinger Football InjuryStingers… what are they?
In the shoulder a stinger is usually a sudden blow to the shoulder such as in a block or tackle in football.  What happens is a sudden stretch of the neck and shoulder nerves and this produces pain and tingling in the arm or hand.  A burning sensation is described often when this occurs.  If pain or tingling persists a consult with a health provider is needed.
Bruises or Contusions…
This is a hit or blow to a body part that injures the skin, muscle or bone.  Often these feel better in a few days.  Remember the RICE!!  Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation for swelling. 
Any joint can have a sprain from over bending of a joint past its normal position.  A ligament can be stretched beyond its normal length and cause pain and swelling. 
A broken bone. If not obviously broken, then an x-ray can rule out a break.
Tendons allow muscles to move our joints and can become inflamed from overuse, usually a result of weakness and too much focus on one motion, such as throwing or spiking.  With tendonitis movement causes pain with activities we do everyday. 

How do we do the best to prevent injury? Of course, sport specific strengthening.  Stretching or warm up prior to the game or practice.  Proper equipment and technique.   Please note:  good off season conditioning is very important.  For example:  the overhead sports people should be strengthening their shoulders.  Pitching or throwing sport people should be strengthening their rotator cuffs early.  Pitchers…start in December or sooner with a good off season program.

Arm pain or weakness… a certified hand therapist is a specialist in the treatment of conditions of the upper extremity that cause pain or prevent full use of the muscles for sports or normal activities.

Call David Gonzales, certified hand therapist For a Free Consultation, at Achieve Rehab 620-792-2111.

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