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Achieve Success - What patients are saying...
Achieve Rehab helped me restore flexibility through repeated therapy sessions and I was able to attain a performance level with the piano in a relatively short period of time.  It was a pleasure to attend therapy sessions because David exhibited a combination of challenge and encouragement. He is professional, yet personable and is attentive to patients’ needs. Achieve Rehab thanks for everything.

Jenny Allford

I snapped my biceps tendon in my right arm. My arm became numb and useless. I had surgery on my arm and the tendon was re-connected. I was in a full arm cast for quite some time. When the cast was removed, to my surprise, my arm was very weak and sore. I was sent straight to Achieve Rehab, where I met David. He started working on my arm 3 times a week, slowly revitalizing my strength. He made me a brace that was to be worn, so that I could not injure it before it was healed properly. David worked with my arm until I had good use of it again. He was very professional and good to work with, and I feel he did a great job helping to restore the use of my arm.

S.K. Trahan

Because of my past positive experience of rehab with David, I wanted to continue with him following a fall that required casting of a fractured wrist. I am very active and enjoy cooking and baking, but did not have the strength or motion to hold pans or bowls to pursue my favorite pastime. I requested therapy from my doctor to see if I could work out some of the stiffness and gain a little more range of motion. David was very professional, knowledgeable and thorough in outlining a plan for me. He explained what he wanted to accomplish, with my particular injury, made print outs, diagrams and worked with me to be sure I was doing them correctly. I am happy to say I am now able to do the things I enjoy doing.

Jean Rumble
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