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Many of the injuries we treat are from people injured at work. Our upper extremity specialty includes wound care, rehab after trauma and any post op rehab for orthopedic, burn, or nerve injuries. In addition, we offer Free occupational therapy work site evaluations for any of our WC patients, as needed, for all employers and insurance companies in an effort to get people back to work quickly after injury. This includes working with an injured worker’s environment to prevent future injury. Of course this is only after consulting the employer thru the patient’s adjuster or case manager first. Please call our office for complete details. If you are a case manager or adjuster, please let us know your needs in this area.

  Functional Capacity Evaluations  
  Injured on the job?Also, we have work conditioning/hardening, and David is certified to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations. Please call for more details or copies of our evaluations or programs.  

We do work conditioning or work hardening from an occupational therapist point of view, which means that we have the expertise to analyze the job requirements of any work environment, and the skills needed to change injury into function.

This is the OT's core background and combined with David's experience consulting with industry, Achieve Rehab is the premier choice for returning an individual back to their previous work level. In addition, Achieve Rehab prides itself in client satisfaction and welcomes all worker's compensation case managers to visit or call anytime.
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